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Driven by Passion

Ronnie Hoff on Friday, 15 November 2013.

In my last blog article, I promised to keep you posted on our progress. I am passionate about our achievements. So I am pleased to announce the implementation of our five-year strategic plan is underway. This includes many steps in planning, designing, and executing. The plan centers around managed growth across business lines, with accelerated expansion in key markets for natural gas services. This is opportunity driven, with the natural gas industry enjoying prosperity even in these still uncertain economic times. In order to achieve this, we were blessed with the opportunity to improve our accounting systems. We are near completion of our integrated Deltek financial platform under the leadership of our CFO. Committing to creating the CFO position and hiring the right person for the job is an accomplishment in and of itself, as we now can focus our financial efforts on forecasting and predictive analysis in addition to simply reporting on what already happened. A solid understanding of our financial position has allowed us to make difficult but necessary decisions to focus on the areas with the greatest potential today, and to better predict where we will need to be tomorrow. Therefore we can move forward with confidence in protecting resources that will be critical in the future. Each decision and commitment we make is based on the passion we share for what we do, why we do it, and how we carry ourselves while doing what we do. If there is one overarching theme I wish to get across in these articles, it is the importance of being passionate. So let's talk more about passion - Magnolia River's first of ten core values.

Passion drives our business and our Magnolia River culture. In this usage, we are talking about the Merriam-Webster definition that passion is "a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something." I am so proud to work with so many great people who share our vision and go about implementing it in a whistle-while-you-work manner. We love to see groups working to exceed client expectations, fully committed to whatever it takes. This is exciting because it leads to more growth and therefore more opportunity for team members to achieve their own goals. Moreover, we see so often that these passionate pursuits are based on what Stephen Covey called "The Character Ethic." Under this paradigm, the foundation of success is built on things we are passionate about -- things like integrity, humility, courage, and The Golden Rule. We will talk more about these qualities that align with our nine other Magnolia River core values in the next blogs. In the meantime, stay passionate my friends.


Ronald Hoff Jr. LT


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