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Smart Water Meter Reprogramming and Data Collection

Smart Water Meter Reprogramming and Data Collection
Cochran, Georgia

The Client’s Challenge

When the time came for the City of Cochran, Georgia, to replace their water meters, the city hired Consolidated Pipe & Supply, Inc. (CPS) to install over 2,400 new smart meters at customer locations.

Soon thereafter, the city realized the new smart meters were sending water consumption data to the city at eight times the normal meter-battery depletion rate. This meant the meters would have to be reset.

To further complicate the issue, the GIS data previously provided for these smart meters’ locations by another third-party company was neither complete nor tied to the meter service address. The city alerted CPS and the meter manufacturer to resolve the issue.

Case Study

Actions Taken

CPS brought on Magnolia River to reprogram the smart meters and gather correct GIS data at the service locations. Magnolia River, with a combination of Esri software technology and our own FlowGIS 365 software product, was able to collect GIS locations of the new smart meters and track the progress of the meter reprogramming in real-time. This allowed CPS the ability to accurately track and report progress to the city.

Specifically, Magnolia River worked to identify the most efficient route for mapping and reprogramming the smart meters using geocoded locations from the inventory list of reprogrammed smart meters. Once the smart meter locations were established, Magnolia River began updating the software on the smart meters to the correct data transfers. Simultaneously, Magnolia River technicians collected the exact locations of the smart meters using FlowGIS 365. A web map and dynamic dashboard were used to deliver real-time updates where Magnolia River and CPS managers could access the data and view project status from anywhere at any time.


In less than four weeks, Consolidated Pipe & Supply and Magnolia River were able to successfully reprogram over 2,400 smart meters. The new smart meters are now transmitting water usage data at the correct intervals. Additionally, the City of Cochran received a GIS inventory of every installed smart meter which enables them to plan and coordinate ongoing smart meter services.


Magnolia River is the trusted provider of engineering, inspection, and GIS solutions for utility infrastructure and operations. Our proprietary software, FlowGIS 365, is the real-time workflow software suite preferred by utilities to maintain compliance, mitigate risk, and manage field operations. When you harness the power of Magnolia River, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

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