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Sustainable Infrastructure Mapping Initiative Water Systems

Sustainable Infrastructure Mapping Initiative Water Systems
Arkansas Department of Health


Magnolia River Services, Inc. (Magnolia River) is collaborating with the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funded Sustainable Infrastructure Mapping Initiative (SIMI) program that maps rural water system infrastructure, free of cost to the system.

Project Overview

In 2007, ADH noticed the need to help small water systems map their infrastructure. ADH successfully proposed the rural water mapping system idea to EPA and put the project out for bid. Magnolia River submitted a bid on the project and successfully developed and proposed a four-step process for mapping the water systems.

System Mapping Involves a four-step process

  • System Assessment: Magnolia River conducts a brief telephone interview/assessment concerning the water system to determine the proposed project schedule for the specific water system.
  • Data Collection: Magnolia River’s GIS/GPS specialist, along with a water system employee, GPS collect sub-foot accuracy data and populate the data fields with information.
  • Mapping of Mains: Digitization begins with available paper maps, as-builts or preliminary drawings of the system. Since paper maps and drawings are usually out of date or inaccurate, Magnolia River uses a variety of techniques to ensure that high accuracy maps are produced in a cost-effective manner.
  • Implementation & Training: Magnolia River staff produce and implement a useable map, along with providing training and documentation to the water system users.

Three Year Plan

Magnolia River mapped 29 rural water systems in the first two years of the contract. Due to the success of the project on multiple levels, and Magnolia River’s dedication to the rural water systems, additional funding has been awarded to the program and MR for year three. An additional 25 systems are proposed to be mapped by the end of year three of the contract. In three years, over 50 rural water systems will be mapped all across the state of Arkansas.

Additional Services

Magnolia River provides additional services for Rural Water Systems and larger water systems including:

  • Additional GPS Data Collection (Meters)
  • Water Modeling & Planning
  • Water Capacity Studies
  • GIS Asset Mngmnt Maintenance
  • Enterprise GIS
  • Mobile Water GIS
  • Custom GIS Tools
  • Engineering/Design


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