Magnolia River provides professional engineering services in multiple utility, oil and gas, pipeline, and water industries. With one of the largest teams of engineers and technicians solely focused on the natural gas industry, our engineering team consists of a multifaceted group of PEs, Project Managers, GIS professionals, and CAD production personnel that provide both on-site and off-site manpower and consulting. Our engineering team continually works to ensure our clients’ projects are executed accurately, timely, and on budget, utilizing best-practices in project and program management. 



O&M Manuals, Design Standards, DIMP/SHRIMP/TIMP Plans and MAOP verification


Vintage plastic, cast iron and bare steel and integrity/improvement programs


Distribution or transmission design including farm taps and services


P&ID, meter and regulator sizing and design, launcher/receiver design, civil site and foundation design


USACE, Railroads, City, County, and State ROW permits


Single line or system modeling for pipe sizing or route selection. Purge and tie-in plans.


Cradle to grave design and project management, construction support and post construction closeout documentation


Our engineering team follows a thorough process for Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) of drawings or deliverables that includes a checklist to aid in review.Each deliverable is assigned three to six reviewers (dependent upon size and scope), some of which have been involved with the project from inception, and some who are seeing it for the first time.


Building on many years of providing solutions to clients in our industry, Magnolia River leverages strategic relationships with numerous vendors, fabricators, and contractors, thereby ensuring we are current on the latest industry technologies, sourcing of materials, and construction pricing.

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