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Identify current gas system operating conditions and predict future “what-if” operational issues with  GAS MODELING 


What is gas modeling?

Gas hydraulic modeling software allows the user to simulate natural gas gathering, transmission, and local distribution systems utilizing existing system maps, pressure information and load data.

Why gas modeling?

Gas modeling provides insight and data to identify current system operating conditions and predict future “what-if” operational issues. Modeling allows multiple engineered solutions to be tested before implementation, which should improve system efficiency and potentially help mitigate costs in the construction phase.

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Case Study

Learn how investing in gas modeling helped our client pinpoint pipeline flow capacity restrictions

We are ready to support you!

Magnolia River has been providing gas modeling services for over ten years and our staff is experienced in the use of two of the most notable modeling software tools in the industry. We are able to provide modeling services for our clients, both municipal gas systems and investor-owned utilities, incorporating the technology that best fits the individual situation, while still providing the critical information to make system maintenance, growth, and compliance-based decisions.  Our modeling engineers have more than fifty years of modeling experience and are ready to meet your system challenges.


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