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Why Work at Magnolia River?

Magnolia River is a premier provider of utility and engineering services to our clients across the country. Our strong reputation, driven by a concentrated focus on quality, safety, and service have allowed us to grow rapidly since our inception. We believe that by offering world-class training and support, along with a thriving corporate culture, our Magnolia River employees can further their careers and collectively enjoy in our success.

Focus on Culture

At Magnolia River, we recognize the importance of a strong and positive corporate culture. Our corporate success is directly tied to our culture, and we have worked hard to establish and refine who we are. Culture starts from the top and that is why every new Magnolia River employee will spend a whole day with members of the senior leadership team learning about our Culture, history, and the direction of Magnolia River. This is an immersive class that demonstrates how the company has changed from its inception and how it continues to develop today. This is an interactive fast paced session that is one of a kind.

At Magnolia River we want to ensure we are providing the necessary training and tools to better equip our supervisors and managers as we promote more and more people into these roles.

Management Training Program

We hold monthly trainings for newly hired inspectors to help start their careers off on the right foot.  Our program includes hands on training to replicate what they will need to do in the field.

Inspection Training Program

Magnolia River is committed to developing and maintaining a high performance workforce and encourages its employees to continue to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their jobs and provide optimum service to clients. 

Continuing Education & Tuition Assistance

Magnolia River pays for expenses associated with attending classes and seminars that enhance job-related skills.

Technical & Training Seminars

We recognize and communicate to the entire organization those employees who demonstrate excellence in their responsibilities at Magnolia River.

Employee Recognition Program


Want to join our team?

We are hiring!

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