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Specific GIS & Industry Expertise 

  • Contracted as PODS Technical Coordinator, Advisor and Testing Team

  • Implemented various forms of PODS Spatial/PODS APR/PODS7 and UPDM across 20+ operators worldwide.

  • Played a pivotal role in the development of PODS7

  • Implemented APR and/or Utility Network across PODS7 and UPDM

  • Member of PODS working groups and committees: PODS7 Utility Network + APR data model, Integrity/Regulatory Task Module, Water Model, CP, TVC, Incident Reporting, Technical Committee on Data Governance, Technical Committee on Data Modeling, Training/Education and Events.

  • ESRI Specialists and Industry Professionals in all aspects of technology deployment.

  • Portal development, cloud architects, data modeling professionals, pipeline-trained IT professionals and pipeline regulatory subject matter experts. 

As the premiere provider of engineering solutions for utility and pipeline infrastructure and operations, we are here for you. Learn more about how we can help.

We are here for you.

Our team makes it our top priority to build data models and systems for your current needs and future goals. Magnolia River enhances pipeline safety for clients through the utilization of GIS technology. By authorizing data integration and risk profiles for operator pipeline safety, we enforce pipeline regulatory requirements through a crucial GIS system, prioritizing safety to a higher degree. Accurate, validated and well-maintained data allow operators to manage risk and prioritize work through visible, reliable information. Our team of highly experienced industry experts are committed to sustaining data integrity for our clients by effectively assembling GIS, cloud and data management systems. 

We have been helping clients demystify GIS technology and the plethora of options available for 20+ years. As an Esri Gold Level Business Partner and an ArcGIS System Ready Provider, our GIS team provides a full range of design, installation, and configuration services for supporting today’s geospatial software platform to facilitate our clients’ needs.

Core Service Offerings

    • Strategic Planning

    • GIS Data Health Checks

    • GIS System Assessment

    • Business Process and Workflow Assessment

    • Class Location and Risk Assessment

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    • GIS Startup Programs

    • Esri ArcGIS Enterprise Implementation & Administration

    • Esri AGOL Setup & Administration

    • Enterprise GIS Integration

    • Mobile Data Collection App Build Out 

    • Web GIS App Build Out (ArcGIS for Power BI, Dashboards, Experience Builder)

    • GIS Widgets & TVC Tags

    • Data Hosting, Cloud Architecture & Design Consulting

    • Esri Utility Network Migration

    • Data Model Design, Optimization, and Implementation

    • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)

    • Automated Workflows & Maintenance Scripting

    • ILI Data Alignment and Loading

    • Document Cross Referencing and URL Linking

    • GIS As-Builting

    • GIS Database Updates and Backlog Removal

    • Data Conversion/Conflation

    • Workflow and Process Development

    • GPS Data Collection

    • Mobile Application Customization

    • TVC Feature Assessment Data Loading for Pipelines and Stations

    • Spatial Facility Layout Mapping in PODS Spatial or PODS7 for Utility Network Model Database 

    • Core Esri Training – ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Field Maps and Esri Collector, Esri Utility Network

    • On-Call Esri Admin Support

    • Esri Desktop and Enterprise Solutions

    • Esri Cloud Solutions

    • Esri Mobile Solutions

    • GE Smallworld

    • Schneider ArcFM

    • AutoCAD

    • Safe Software FME Solutions

    • GPS Hardware and Software Solutions

    • On-Premise and Cloud base GIS deployment scenarios

    • Data Governance, Aggregation & Integration 

    • Document System Design, Scanning and OCR 

    • Documents and Record Management 

    • TVC Data Mining and Feature Assessment for Material Properties and Pressure Tests 

    • Source Record Data Validation 

    • Centerline and Feature Refinement 

    • Construction Variance Management 

    • Business Intelligence Design (Power BI, Tableau, Spotfire) 

    • Project Workflow Development for Collaboration 

    • Risk, Environmental, Social, Land Impact Analysis 

    • Material Tracking & Traceability 

    • Risk & Threat Analysis (incident reports) 

    • Routing, Siting, Permitting & Project Area Analysis 


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