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Our Culture

Magnolia River prioritizes the development of a strong and positive corporate culture. Our success is rooted in our culture, which we have worked hard to establish and refine. Our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to deliver exceptional solutions to our valued clients.

Started in 2000, Magnolia River Services, Inc. (Magnolia River) is a national provider of technology enabled professional and field services to major utilities in the gas, electric and water markets. Magnolia River has grown from a family-owned regional business with roots in the southeast to more than 1000 employees with operations in over 40 states. We’re focused on providing our clients, the very best consulting, engineering, inspection, and GIS, services the industry has to offer. We specialize in integrating technology into our services that save our clients time and money.

Our History

As the premier professional services provider of solutions for utilities, Magnolia River is committed to successfully completing your project. By embracing a culture of achievement, our commitment to performance excellence and innovation safely delivers solutions to you, our valued client.

Our Commitment

At Magnolia River, safety is a pillar of our culture. Our main priority is to protect both property and the public. Our focus on safety not only resonates throughout our company, but is also reflected in our robust Safety Plan, which incorporates federal, state, and client-adopted standards.

Our Safety

Magnolia River serves utility companies in more than 40 states, including clients in state and local governments, natural gas utilities, water utilities, electric utilities, and several commercial firms who operate in the utility sector. We follow and adhere to strict business guidelines and safety policies, such as our company-wide Safety Plan, 49 CFR Parts 191 and 192, and Drug and Alcohol Plan policies.

Our Experience


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Our Guiding Principles










We greatly value employees who consistently excel in their roles and make it a point to celebrate and recognize their achievements. Safety is also of utmost importance to us. We strive to provide a safe workplace and empower our employees to actively participate in strengthening our safety programs and protocols.

As we continue to grow, we are dedicated to providing our employees with the necessary training and resources to thrive in their roles. We actively promote individuals into leadership positions and prioritize enhancing job-related skills. At Magnolia River, we are committed to equipping our team for success.

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