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Natural Gas

With a deep understanding of the natural gas industry and a commitment to engineering excellence, Magnolia River has been a leader in delivering outstanding services and solutions for more than 20 years to the natural gas sector. Our team's expertise in pipeline inspection and software solutions, coupled with our detailed knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), allows us to provide exceptional support to clients in the natural gas sector. From planning and design to inspection and integrity management, we are the premier full-service provider for natural gas utilities.

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Magnolia River's commitment to exceptional experience and services sets them apart as leaders in the Midstream industry. We offer a wide range of cutting-edge solutions, including advanced GIS technologies, comprehensive integrity management services, and support for natural gas, CO2, liquids, and pipeline facilities. With a focus on data-driven insights and innovative approaches, Magnolia River provides invaluable resources to clients seeking reliable, efficient solutions to support safety and compliance. 

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Magnolia River has established itself as a leader in the power sector, providing exceptional experience and services to its electric utility clients. With our proficiency in electric engineering, we are uniquely equipped to assist in the development and implementation of distribution, transmission, and renewable energy projects, an area of increasing importance in today's world. Our electrical inspection services examine that every aspect of a project is executed with precision, resulting in safer, more efficient systems. Our GIS capabilities are equally impressive, providing essential data management and analysis tools that allow our clients to make informed decisions.

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As a leading provider in the renewable energy sector, Magnolia River takes pride in our exceptional experience and industry-leading services and solutions. From concept to completion, we're committed to providing top-quality engineering designs, feasibility assessments, and project management services to help our clients get the most out of their renewable energy investments. Our team of utility professionals, equipped with cutting-edge technology and unrivaled industry knowledge, work tirelessly to provide the most efficient and effective implementation of renewable energy projects. 

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