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Natural Gas


Magnolia River provides professional engineering services in multiple utility disciplines. With one of the largest teams of engineers and technicians solely focused on the natural gas industry, our engineering team consists of a multifaceted group of Professional Engineers, Project Managers, GIS professionals, and 2D and 3D CAD production personnel that provide both on-site and off-site manpower and consulting. Our engineering team continually works to execute our clients’ projects are executed accurately, timely, and on budget, utilizing best-practices in project and program management.

We also specialize in data compliance and integrity management, and are dedicated to addressing the recent changes in the regulatory landscape. These changes have prompted our experienced team of data integrity and compliance experts to focus more on navigating our clients’ data for regulatory, integrity and compliance tasks. New gas and hazardous liquids regulations are now more attentive to data integration, transparency, reliability, accuracy, integrity and processes. We offer services to support critical features of your day-to-day pipeline operations while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.   

Core Service Offerings

    • Methane Emissions Reduction

    • Route Selection

    • Permitting

    • HDD Design

    • Sub-Contractor Management

    • OPP Verification

    • Equipment Sizing

    • Civil Site Development

    • MAOP Determintation – Existing Systems

    • MAOP Verification – New Construction

    • MAOP Reconfirmation – TVC Mega-Rule

    • 3D As-Builts

    • Modeling

    • Master Plan Creation

    • System Improvements

    • Budgetary Estimates

    • Integrity Management Planning 

    • Class Location Management & Verification 

    • Gas & Hazardous Liquids Rule Data: Traceable, Verifiable & Complete (TVC) 

    • HCA/MCA Management & Verification 

    • MAOP/MOP Calculation & Verification 

    • Engineering Critical Assessments (ECAs) 

    • Structure Validation & Asset Verification 

    • Line Location & Inspection 

    • Methane Quantification 

Don’t let technical requirements be your barrier to a Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) solution. Magnolia River Services has the experience and trusted partners to solve your technical challenges to help maximize your Renewable Identification Number (RIN) credits under the Federal Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) program.

Transforming the Future of Clean Energy

As the premiere provider of engineering solutions for utility and pipeline infrastructure and operations, we are here for you. Learn more about how we can help.

We are here for you.

Our engineering team consists of over 45 personnel. Of those personnel, more than 55% are degreed engineers, over 45% of those are Professional Engineers (PEs) registered across more than 38 states. Nine percent of Engineering’s staff is certified as Project Management Professionals (PMPs).

Our Commitment


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