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Magnolia River Achieves Esri ArcGIS System Ready Specialty

Magnolia River is thrilled to announce that its technology division, GeoCurrent, in collaboration with Magnolia River’s GIS Services Division, has achieved the Esri ArcGIS System Ready specialty. This recognition underscores Magnolia River’s commitment to excellence in leveraging Esri's ArcGIS products as part of our industry-leading GIS services and software solution offerings.

GeoCurrent, the technology division of Magnolia River and the creator of FlowGIS, has showcased exceptional proficiency in configuring and optimizing the Esri Product Suite. FlowGIS, one of our flagship software products, which is meticulously designed for the utility industry, stands as a cutting-edge geospatial solution that not only streamlines workflows but also plays a pivotal role in helping utilities maintain regulatory compliance.

FlowGIS empowers utility professionals by providing a robust platform for spatial data management, analysis, and visualization. Tailored to the specific needs of the utility sector, it includes features and tools that facilitate efficient asset management, network analysis, and real-time decision-making while ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements.

This achievement not only highlights Magnolia River’s proficiency in technology-driven GIS solutions but also reinforces Magnolia River's commitment to delivering innovative tools that directly address compliance challenges faced by utilities. The Esri ArcGIS System Ready specialty continues to solidify our position as industry leaders, showcasing our dedication to providing state-of-the-art geospatial solutions for the dynamic and compliance-driven landscape of the utility industry.


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