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Construction Management Success

Streamlining Projects with Magnolia River’s Embedded Resources Division


In mid-2022, a large combo-electric/natural gas utility in the Southeast approached Magnolia River about its needs to effectively manage the work of their construction contractors and inspectors who were working on both replacement and growth projects. They needed someone in place who was a cultural fit and would be a fully capitalized resource in the utility’s efforts to achieve financial targets without having to add to their complement.


With a large presence in the Southeast, Magnolia River had a number of highly competent employees in the region who could step into this role and assist the utility. Once the details and scale of the utility’s needs were collected, Magnolia River vetted employees who were interested in the role and introduced their recommendation to the utility for their approval. The leadership of the utility approved and the Magnolia River employee began work as a construction manager almost immediately.

The Magnolia River employee was responsible for the scheduling and assignments of contract crews and inspectors to projects and has continued in that role ever since. The construction manager provides frequent updates and reports to the utility and ensures that all data is being collected and vetted properly. Also, the construction manager works with the project manager to monitor and forecast spending from inception to completion of projects. In addition, the construction manager ensures that all safety and regulatory requirements are followed along with any additional requirements that the utility may request. The construction manager is the utility’s representative in negotiating and mitigating any issues that may arise.


This Magnolia River Embedded Resource is still in the role for our client and in our communications with the client, they have been pleased with the quality of work and management that has been occurring.

Performing construction management for clients is just one of the many Embedded Resource service opportunities that Magnolia River offers.


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