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Magnolia River Acquires INTEGRI-TEK: Merging Market Leaders, Asset Intelligence Innovators & Family

Decatur, Ala. Magnolia River Services, a leading utility professional and field services firm with expertise in Engineering, Inspection, GIS, and Software, today announced its acquisition of the assets and operations of INTEGRI-TEK, an industry-leading provider of high-level GIS consulting, business intelligence, data management, and infrastructure project services, with a strong focus on midstream gas, liquids, renewables (including carbon capture), and the energy transition.

Having officially launched in the fall of 2020, INTEGRI-TEK’s team of familiar faces and long-term industry thought leaders have created digital asset knowledge management systems leveraging technology, core data management, and business intelligence for the energy infrastructure industry.

"INTEGRI-TEK’s extensive expertise in data analytics, machine learning, asset knowledge management, GIS consulting, integrity management, compliance, and program management aligns perfectly with Magnolia River’s strategic plan. We are thrilled to bring new capabilities to the clients that know, love, and trust Magnolia River," said Robbie Laney, Chief Commercial Officer of Magnolia River.

The merger of these two powerhouses, both well respected in the pipeline industry, will provide distribution and midstream pipeline asset operators, specialty service organizations and pipeline trade associations with innovative ideas and technology. Combined, the two companies are providing digital solutions such as application development, data analysis, business intelligence dashboards, and technical consulting to customers and associations such as the Alabama Natural Gas Association (ANGA), Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) Association, and the Northeast Gas Association (NGA).

Ed Wiegele, CEO of INTEGRI-TEK, spoke about the acquisition: "We are grateful for this opportunity, especially for our staff. This represents an important milestone in our company’s journey - a way to better serve our current and future clients. Our history of innovation combined with industry leading field and professional services will allow us to continue our mission of moving the industry forward in the areas of pipeline safety, data transparency, and asset knowledge management.”

Magnolia River's acquisition of Integri-Tek aligns with its commitment to deliver world-class GIS solutions and enhance value for its clients in the gas, liquids, power, and renewables markets. Both companies have an entrepreneurial, can-do attitude that has changed the way the industry builds and operates pipelines today.

A constantly changing energy infrastructure landscape coupled with maintaining, upgrading, or replacing legacy systems calls for expertise in creating efficient workflows, managing risk, leveraging the latest technology, and managing projects. Accurate, validated, and well-maintained data and GIS systems provide insight and reliability of information for the complex systems needed to manage risk and prioritize work.

The new combined team of familiar faces will deploy a comprehensive set of services to help maximize results from pipeline operations, capitalize on data as an asset, and build intelligent systems to ensure data integrity and transparency.

"INTEGRI-TEK’s extensive expertise in data analytics, machine learning, asset knowledge management, GIS consulting, integrity management, compliance, and program management aligns perfectly with Magnolia River’s strategic plan," said Robbie Laney, CCO.

About Magnolia River

Magnolia River Services is a trusted provider of pipeline, infrastructure, and geospatial solutions in the downstream energy industry. With a focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and excellence, Magnolia River serves clients across the globe, delivering exceptional results in engineering, inspection, GIS and technology. Magnolia River is owned by capital investment firm Warren Equity Partners (WEP). WEP invests in portfolio companies who focus on critical infrastructure services and technology.


INTEGRI-TEK is a premier GIS and Business Intelligence consulting service provider specializing in pipeline asset knowledge management. Through the deployment of data-driven solutions, analytics, and GIS, it empowers energy companies to increase their asset visibility, optimize infrastructure projects and operations, as well as achieve digital regulatory compliance. INTEGRI-TEK specializes in the midstream energy sector and renewables, particularly carbon capture.

For more information, please direct inquiries to Chief Commercial Officer, Robbie Laney, at


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