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Modernizing Natural Gas Inspection Best Practices

How Magnolia River Embedded Resources Helped a Utility Transform Their Capital System Replacement Program


In late 2021, a large natural gas utility in the mid-Atlantic region approached Magnolia River about some of the challenges they were facing in their large capital system replacement program, most notably, their natural gas inspection practices.

With a tremendous amount of system replacement work taking place, the organization wanted to ensure that their inspection practices were appropriate.


Employees from Magnolia River’s Embedded Resources division began working with the utility to determine the scale of their needs. After the need was determined, Magnolia River began a multi-phase project to re-imagine and develop the utility’s Inspection Training program. The project began with an on-site meeting of the Magnolia team and the utility’s leadership group to conduct a GAP analysis and audit of the utility’s current inspection program. Also, interviews, questionnaires, and a SWOT analysis were conducted with the leadership group during the on-site meetings.

Magnolia River personnel went the extra mile and included ride-alongs with the utility’s inspectors where they conducted interviews with each inspector and observed their daily tasks and practices. Finally, Magnolia River personnel were asked to answer the questionnaire given to the utility’s leadership as a means to compare what the field perceived and what management perceived.


After the on-site visit, Magnolia’s personnel came back and completed the GAP analysis and Risk analysis of the current state of the utility’s inspection practices. From there, a final report consisting of solutions and recommendations was given to the utility’s leadership. Once the utility’s leadership reviewed the findings of these reports, Magnolia River was requested to complete the next phase and develop a new inspection training program for the utility.

Magnolia River personnel are currently working with the utility on the final delivery of the training program and these personnel have been requested by the utility to act as trainers for the utility’s inspectors as the new inspection program is rolled out to the company.

This is just one of the many specialized projects that Magnolia River’s Embedded Resources division is currently engaged in.


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