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Announcing the Latest Version of FlowGIS: Powerful Enhancements for Streamlining Regulatory Compliance Workflows

FlowGIS, GeoCurrent’s flagship product, is an innovative GIS-centric software solution tailored for utilities in the gas, electric, and water sectors. It is a comprehensive tool for streamlining compliance processes and enhancing operational efficiency within the utility industry.

With its user-friendly interface and robust features, FlowGIS empowers organizations to manage compliance tasks effectively, helping utilities maintain regulatory compliance and operational excellence.

Now, with the release of FlowGIS Version 3.36, we're thrilled to introduce three impactful feature enhancements: Chained Forms, Image Overlay, and Leak Survey Summary.

Chained Forms:

  • Streamline data collection by linking multiple forms together.

  • Automate data transfer to reduce redundancy and maintain integrity.

  • Adapt to various compliance requirements and operational needs with configurable chaining logic.

Image Overlay Feature:

  • Enhance compliance documentation by automatically adding customizable overlays to attached photos.

  • Save time with automatic overlay generation while improving clarity and reliability.

  • Tailor overlay settings to specific organizational requirements.

Leak Survey Summary:

  • Generate comprehensive reports summarizing the results of leak surveys.

  • Access key survey metrics instantly for faster decision-making.

  • Simplify survey workflow and prioritize maintenance tasks with customizable report templates.

These updates are designed to boost efficiency, improve analysis capabilities, and streamline your compliance workflow. For more information on our FlowGIS solution, visit


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