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Magnolia River Announces Newly Formed Subsidiary, Surview Field Services

Magnolia River International (Magnolia River, MRI) today announced the acquisition of the assets of Leakage Investigative Services Company (LiSCO), through a newly formed subsidiary, Surview Field Services (“Surview”).


Magnolia River International (Magnolia River, MRI), a leading provider of engineering, inspection, and geographic information system (GIS) solutions for utilities, today announced the acquisition of the assets of Leakage Investigative Services Company (LiSCO), through a newly formed subsidiary, Surview Field Services (“Surview”).

LiSCO has provided superior leak survey services and equipment sales/repair to the natural gas industry in the Southeast for decades. Owner, George Reid, bought LiSCO in 1984 and has spent the last 36 years building lifelong relationships and serving the industry. “As I entered the latter stages of my career, I carefully considered how to transition the company, while thinking about the future of my employees and ensuring the continuing quality the industry associates with the LiSCO name,” said owner, George Reid. George relied on the personal and professional bonds built over decades and decided that Magnolia River International (Magnolia River, MRI) was a fitting home.

With the transaction, Surview acquires a work force with invaluable industry expertise as well as the asset base of a proven leak detection company. Clients with ongoing leak surveys will see no interruption thanks to the teamwork between both groups during the transition.

Magnolia River has big plans for additional technology to enhance the experience of leak survey clients. Magnolia River Chief Technology Officer, Hayden Strickland, says, “Magnolia River plans to leverage our technology platform to increase the value of offerings for its clients in an ever changing technological and regulatory environment.” Specifically, FlowGIS® will be utilized to help utilities track leaks, repairs, and can even be used in combination with another software tool developed by Magnolia River, atRisk®, to determine risks and replacement schedules.

"Magnolia River’s recent acquisition of LISCO’s assets and personnel provides a major growth opportunity for our businesses through an extended service offering for our clients," says Magnolia River President, Heath McCleskey.

With the acquisition, Magnolia River expands the service offerings it provides to the industry beyond Engineering, Inspection, and GIS services. Surview is the vehicle that will be used to expand their field service offerings to meet the regulatory challenges of the future. In addition to enhancing the technology and providing new service offerings, Surview also plans to expand geographically to those who have come to trust Magnolia River as a provider of quality service at a fair price.

About Surview: Surview is the trusted provider of field services for utility and pipeline operations. Through our extensive industry experience and our advanced field solutions, we are the trusted industry professionals to help you maintain regulatory compliance, efficiently track and manage asset inventory, and streamline integrity management workflows.

About Magnolia River: Magnolia River is the premier provider of engineering, inspection, GIS, and technology solutions for utility & pipeline infrastructure & operations.


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