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Magnolia River Expands Software Products with GeoCurrent

The company’s tech arm leverages industry experts and premier software developers to help utility and pipeline operators ensure compliance, increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Magnolia River Services Inc., a leading provider of engineering, inspection and geographic information system (GIS) solutions for utility infrastructure and operations, today announced the formal branding of its dedicated technology division, GeoCurrent. Comprised of a suite of six scalable solutions, GeoCurrent empowers utilities and municipalities to reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure compliance to meet ever-changing regulations and industry standards. Click here to view the new website.

“Over the years we've developed several software solutions to help our clients, and what we previously only offered as a package are now available as standalone tools,” explained Hayden Strickland, vice president of technology at Magnolia River. The entire GeoCurrent software suite has been designed to address the very specific demands of utility and pipeline operators, with solutions including:

  • FlowGIS - An innovative GIS-centric software that enables utilities and municipalities to support workflows, streamline maintenance operations and make data-driven decisions to improve asset performance, ensure compliance and reduce costs.

  • FieldLogIQ - A flexible and scalable tool that enables construction site supervisors and inspectors to update stakeholders with real-time project updates and information.

  • atRisk - A spatial risk analysis and data management tool that helps utilities manage risk and assist in the planning of infrastructure updates.

  • EngineerAssist - An application suite with modular design and build tools that enable engineers to make complex pipeline construction calculations, size and specify regulators for new designs and review existing designs.

  • GasScan - A barcode reading, decoding and storage application that enables utilities to more easily maintain control of asset inventory, comply with federal and state regulations, and maintain efficiency during maintenance projects.

  • Import – A powerful ETL tool to enrich a GIS by integrating data from dispersed sources, including customer information systems, land-based inventories and asset maintenance history available from various enterprise systems.

“Because regulations are constantly changing and growing, we’re also designing software that is ready for the next round of regulations, not just what’s required today,” Strickland continued. “GeoCurrent’s flexible and dynamic products can keep pace with regulatory changes and won’t require new software implementations every year.”

Click here to request a demo of GeoCurrent’s modern solutions.

About GeoCurrent GeoCurrent is the technology division of Magnolia River, empowering utility and pipeline operators through value-based software to reduce costs, make field work more efficient and ensure regulatory compliance. Through its suite of scalable solutions, GeoCurrent makes it easy to streamline the asset tracking, regulatory, risk assessment, project management, and maintenance requirements of engineering, inspection and utility professionals. To learn more about GeoCurrent and its SaaS tools, visit

About Magnolia River: Magnolia River is the premier provider of engineering, inspection, GIS, and technology solutions for utility & pipeline infrastructure & operations.


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